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Member network

We provide our member companies with expert advice on employment law issues with a specialism in European Works Councils and other employee consultation requirements. We provide immediate free advice when it is needed on all issues around EWCs and employee consultation in Europe, as part of membership. Members receive regular updates on future changes to EU, French, German and UK employment law from the early stages of policy development, enabling them to get ready for the changes, and through us to influence the policy-makers as they develop legislation. Current examples include the EU Commission’s review of the European Works Council directive, its “Pillar of Social Rights”, and plans for new directives on working conditions and on working parents , plus the UK Government’s review of modern working practices, French plans for reforming the labour market, and German proposals on temporary workers. We keep members abreast of developments with global trade union federations, international framework agreements, European Works Councils, the OECD Guidelines, corporate CSR initiatives, and trade union strategies. We organise regular networking meetings in London on a range of subjects, with guest speakers, and presentations from other companies, as well as webinars.



We provide advice and support to companies – both members and non-members – on setting up and running European Works Councils and Information and Consultation arrangements, and renegotiating EWC agreements, as well as employee consultation in the context of collective redundancies and TUPE transfers, plus OECD complaints, trade union recognition, and collective agreements.



We provide training to employee and management representatives on European Works Councils, Special Negotiating Bodies, Information & Consultation committees, and collective redundancy and TUPE transfer consultation bodies, helping them to understand their roles and the purpose of the EWC or consultation forum, and how to carry out their roles effectively. Click here for further details of our EWC training programmes.