Germany: Cabinet approves immigration laws to ease worker shortages
21 December 2018
The Coalition cabinet has approved new immigration laws to make it easier for lower-skilled foreigners to seek work in Germany and offer rejected asylum seekers who cannot be deported a path to residency. The new rules are designed to allow workers from outside the EU with lower …. [more]


France: More details on tax-free bonuses
20 December 2018
The tax exemption for bonuses paid by companies will apply to employees who receive less than €3,600 (net) per month, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced. The bonus will be free of tax and social contributions up to €1,000 if paid between 11th December and 31st March. Philippe …. [more]


UK: The Good Work Plan
17 December 2018
The Department for Business has published its latest response to Matthew Taylor’s 2017 report on modern working practices, in the form of a Good Work Plan. It contains a mixture of changes to the law (most of them expected to come into force in April 2020), and the promise of further proposals …. [more]


European Court rules on effect of short-time working on holiday pay
14 December 2018
The latest decision from the European Court of Justice on the vexed question of holiday pay concerns the effect of short-time working. In a case referred from Germany, a worker had been put on short-time working in 2015 so that he did not work at all for his employer for 26 weeks. He then …. [more]


Brexit – our take on what will happen
12 December 2018
The default position is that the UK will leave the EU on 29th March 2019 without a deal. This is the effect of Article 50 of the Treaty. For that not to happen, one of three things must take place:

  1. A Withdrawal Agreement is approved by each of the UK Parliament, the EU Council (by …. [more]


France: Macron promises €100/month rise in minimum wage, sort of
10 December 2018
In response to the violent “yellow vest” protests over the past month, President Emmanuel Macron has announced a €100 a month pay rise for workers on the national minimum wage (the SMIC) and said the increase will not cost employers a penny. The rise will in fact be to what is known as the …. [more]