News archive 2017

UK government promises discussion paper on employment status
27 November 2017
Tucked away in the documentation from last week’s Budget was the following: “The government will publish a discussion paper as part of the response to Matthew Taylor’s review of employment practices in the modern economy, exploring the case and options for longer-term reform to make …. [more]

Germany: SPD under pressure to join government after coalition talks collapse
24 November 2017
The centre-left Social Democrats are under pressure to hold talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel over supporting her in a minority government, following the collapse of coalition negotiations earlier this week. The SPD had ruled out renewing the “grand coalition” of the past 4 years with Merkel’s …. [more]

French Appeal Court hands down ruling on wearing headscarf at work
23 November 2017
The Court de Cassation, France’s highest appeals court, has handed down its ruling in the case of Bougnaoui and ADDH concerning the wearing of an Islamic headscarf at work. It applied the European Court’s decision which said that an employer can only dismiss an employee who has direct …. [more]

UK: Outsourced workers in “joint employer” claim
21 November 2017
The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain Workers are bringing a claim for union recognition on behalf of a group of outsourced workers who it says are “jointly employed” by the University of London and business services company Cordant. The IWGB says the 75 receptionists, security …. [more]

Commission considering EU-wide rules on gender pay gap reporting
20 November 2017
The European Commission is considering changes to the Gender Equality Directive which could make gender pay gap reporting by employers compulsory throughout the EU. It has published an Action Plan on tackling the gender pay gap, which it says has got stuck at around 16% and has not improved …. [more]