News archive 2017

“The future is bright for HR”
6 February 2017
In a world of work where robots increasingly take over, the future is bright for HR, according to a report by Manpower Group for the World Economic Forum. The …. [more]

Unions take French labour law reforms to the ILO
3 February 2017
The CGT and Force Ouvrière unions have lodged a formal complaint with the International Labour Organization against the Labour Code reforms passed in …. [more]

Commission to consult on EU-level whistleblowing legislation
1 February 2017
The EU Commission is planning a public consultation on whether to introduce EU-level legislation on whistleblowers. Few member states have substantial protections …. [more]

UK employment tribunal fees to stay, but fewer will have to pay them
31 January 2017
The UK Ministry of Justice has published its review of employment tribunal fees and decided they should not be changed. However, it plans to exempt more people from …. [more]

EU Commission defends German co-determination law at European Court
26 January 2017
The EU Commission is defending the German legislation on co-determination at the European Court of Justice against claims that it discriminates against employees …. [more]