News archive 2017

Germany – New rules on temporary agency work come into force
1 April 2017
Changes to the law on temporary agency work came into effect on 1st April. The Labour Leasing Act (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz or AÜG) now imposes a maximum duration of assignment of 18 months, though exceptions are allowed by …. [more]

MEPs will try to lock UK into EU employment directives post-Brexit
30 March 2017
The European Parliament will try to lock the UK into EU employment directives once it has left the European Union. In a resolution to be voted on next Wednesday, but already approved by leaders of 4 political groups, Parliament will say that “any future …. [more]

France – Court strikes out penalties in law on supply chain responsibility
27 March 2017
The French constitutional court has struck down the financial penalty provisions in the recently-adopted law on companies’ supply chain responsibility. The law requires French companies with 5,000+ employees in France, or 10,000+ worldwide …. [more]

UK: CIPD recommendations for the gig economy
23 Mar 2017
The UK’s professional body for the HR profession, the CIPD, has published a report on the gig economy making recommendations – mostly to government – for improving the lot of gig workers. The report To gig or not to gig is based on a survey …. [more]

European Parliament approves new rules on executive pay
15 March 2017
The European Parliament has approved new rules on executive pay that have been agreed with the Council (of member state governments), including explaining how it takes account of employees’ pay. Changes to the Shareholders’ Rights Directive will …. [more]