News archive 2017

Germany – CDU/CSU federal election manifesto
4 July 2017
The centre-right CDU/CSU party has published its manifesto for federal elections in September, containing a number of promises relevant to employers. The party of Chancellor Angela Merkel says it will: …. [more]

EU data protection committee clamps down on employers’ use of technology
1 July 2017
The EU’s data protection committee – known as the Article 29 Working Party – has issued a new opinion on employers’ use of technology to monitor employees and vet job applicants, which could severely curtail current practice amongst many companies. The committee is made up of reps from …. [more]

France – Enabling legislation for Labour Code reform published
30 June 2017
The Labour Ministry has published draft legislation giving the government powers to enact reforms to the Labour Code by a fast-track mechanism in Parliament. The reforms are potentially significant and include: …. [more]

EU Commission launches proposal for pan-European pension
28 June 2017
The EU Commission has published a proposal for a pan-European Pension Product (Pepp) designed to be portable across EU member states. The commission is proposing that Pepps will have the same standard features wherever they are sold in …. [more]

UK – Queen’s Speech implications for employers
22 June 2017
The Queen’s Speech contained several items relevant to employers:
• A Repeal Bill [no longer called “Great”] to convert EU law into UK law and to allow Parliament to make changes to it (p.17);