News archive 2017

UK – Parental Bereavement Bill introduced into Parliament
20 July 2017
A Bill giving a right to paid leave for parents on the death of a child has been introduced into Parliament, and the Government has said it will support it. The Bill has not yet been published, so the details of what it will contain are not yet known. Key issues will include – how long the leave will …. [more]

BusinessEurope opposes EU-level whistleblower law
20 July 2017
BusinessEurope has published a position paper on whistleblower protection opposing legislation at EU-level. It follows an EU Commission public consultation on the topic, and a promise by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to propose a directive harmonising …. [more]

German constitutional court approves trade union law
19 July 2017
Germany’s federal constitutional court has ruled that a controversial law curtailing smaller trade unions is compatible with the German constitution. The law provides that where there are competing collective wage agreements within one company, only the agreement with the trade …. [more]

European Court upholds German law on employee participation
19 July 2017
The European Court of Justice has ruled that the German law on employee participation (workers on the board, or Mitbestimmung), is compatible with EU law. A shareholder of the tourism group TUI challenged the law in the German courts on the grounds that, by only allowing employees based in…. [more]

UK – EU Withdrawal Bill sheds no light on fate of EWCs
13 July 2017
The [formerly Great] Repeal Bill has been published, now called the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. Its convoluted language sheds little, if any, light on what will happen to the European Works Council legislation (the Transnational Information & Consultation of Employees Regulations …. [more]