News archive 2017

UK – EHCR publishes strategy for reducing pay gaps
16 August 2017
The Equality & Human Rights Commission has published its strategy for reducing pay gaps (gender, ethnicity and disability). Recommendations include:
• Employers should offer all jobs, including the most senior, on a flexible and part-time basis ….

UK – EAT says regular voluntary overtime should be included in holiday pay
31 July 2017
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that pay for voluntary overtime should be included in holiday pay if it is regular enough to constitute “normal pay”. The EAT said – in the case of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council v Willetts – that, where the pattern of work extends for a sufficient …. [more]

German labour court rules against employer’s monitoring of computer use
27 July 2017
The Federal Labour Court has ruled that evidence collected by an employer using keystroke-tracking software cannot be used to dismiss an employee because such surveillance violates workers’ data protection rights. Company policy prohibited private use of its computers, and software was …. [more]

UK – Big upsurge in tribunal claims expected as Supreme Court abolishes fees
26 July 2017
The Supreme Court has effectively abolished employment tribunal fees, in a decision that is likely to lead to a big upsurge in employment tribunal claims. The Court ruled unanimously that fees – which were introduced in 2013 – are a barrier to justice and also discriminatory. It quashed the legislation …. [more]

UK – Companies could become liable for labour abuses in supply chain
25 July 2017The Government’s new Director of Labour Market Enforcement, Sir David Metcalf, has threatened fines for companies where labour abuses occur in their supply chain. In an interview, he suggested it was time for companies to take more responsibility for illegal practices among their contractors, …. [more]