News archive 2017

Trade unions highlight east-west pay gap in Europe
18 September 2017
European trade unions are highlighting the wage gap between workers in the east and west of the EU, which they say cannot be explained by differences in costs of living or by differences in the workforce. And they say the gap has got worse since the 2008 economic crisis. According to a …. [more]

European Court to rule on redundancy of pregnant workers
14 September 2017
The European Court of Justice has been asked to rule on how the protection of pregnant workers operates in the context of a collective redundancy. The EU’s pregnant workers directive prohibits the dismissal of pregnant workers and those on maternity leave “save in exceptional cases not …. [more]

EU Commission to create a European Labour Authority
13 September 2017
In his State of the Union speech to the European Parliament, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced the creation of a European Labour Authority to “ensure that EU rules on labour mobility are enforced in a fair, simple and effective way”. Few details have been published so far, …. [more]

UK Data Protection Bill published
13 September 2017
The Data Protection Bill has been published and introduced into Parliament. It implements the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and will replace the Data Protection Act 1998 from May 2018. Alongside the Bill, the government has published some (brief) guidance documents including …. [more]

Modest protester turnout against French labour law reform
12 September 2017
The hard-left CGT union said 400,000 people had turned out to protest against President Emmanuel Macron’s labour law reforms, but the government put the put the number at 223,000. Either way, it was less than at last year’s protests against the previous government’s less ambitious changes. The …. [more]