News archive 2017

Social partners to discuss revision of written statement directive
26 September 2017
The European Commission has invited the EU-level social partners (BusinessEurope, ETUC etc) to negotiate a revision of the written statement directive, which would create new rights for all types of workers. The Commission proposes, firstly, extending the directive to all workers who “perform …. [more]

French labour reforms signed into law
25 September 2017
President Emmanuel Macron formally signed five decrees overhauling France’s labour rules on Friday last week. They do not take effect in practice until further decrees spelling out finer details are signed, which is due to happen before the end of the year. Detailed explanations of the changes …. [more]

UK: Theresa May’s Brexit speech – implications for employers
22 September 2017
In her Brexit speech in Florence, Theresa May proposed a two year transition period after Brexit on 29 March 2019, to help people and businesses “adjust to the new arrangements [for the future UK-EU relationship agreed during the current negotiations] in a smooth and orderly way”. During this …. [more]

France: Pénicaud clarifies new redundancy pay rules
21 September 2017
Labour minister Muriel Pénicaud has made clear that the planned 25% increase in statutory redundancy pay will only apply to an employee’s first ten years of work. Trade unions had understood the increase would apply to all years of service, but Pénicaud said there had been a “lack …. [more]

UK: Takeovers – new requirements on disclosing plans for employees
19 September 2017
The Takeover Panel is consulting on new requirements to disclose plans for employees following a takeover. There are already obligations on bidding companies to state their intentions regarding the business, employees and pension schemes of the target company (spelt out at para 2.6 of the …. [more]