News archive 2016

Public consultation on European Pillar of Social Rights
8 March 2016
The EU Commission has launched a public consultation on its plans for a “European Pillar of Social Rights”. The Pillar will be a “reference framework” to screen employment and social performance of member states, to drive reforms at national …. [more]


UK: Challenge against employment tribunal fees to go to the Supreme Court
3 March 2015
The UK Supreme Court has given permission to trade union Unison to challenge the system of employment tribunal fees. Unison has so far made three unsuccessful attempts to challenge the fees in the High Court and the Appeal Court. It believes the …. [more]


Report says German minimum wage has not cost jobs and should rise above €9
25 February 2016
A report by the Hans Böckler Foundation says the minimum wage of €8.50 per hour introduced in January 2015 has raised wages without costing jobs. Before it was introduced around 5 million workers earned less than €8.50 an hour. It is not yet …. [more]


European Works Councils’ right to report back to employees
18 February 2016
The European Trade Union Institute – the research arm of the ETUC – has published a policy brief on The right and duty of European Works Councils to report back to the workforce. The authors say there is broad uptake of the reporting back …. [more]


UK plans for gender pay reporting spelt out
15 February 2016
The Government Equalities Office has spelt out its plans for gender pay reporting by larger employers. In its response to a consultation last year it said employers will have to publish, each year:…. [more]