News archive 2016

German unions seek to strengthen co-determination rights
13 October 2016
German trade unions have launched a “co-determination offensive” to campaign for stronger rights for works councils and workers on the board. They see companies increasingly trying to evade German co-determination rules, and have launched their …. [more]


MEPs call on Commission to review rules on mass dismissals
6 October 2016
Members of the European Parliament have echoed calls from trade unions for revision of EU legislation on large-scale dismissals, in view of plans to close down the Caterpillar factory at Gosselies in Belgium. In a resolution passed this week, MEPs …. [more]


ETUC presents long list of demands for European Social Pillar
29 September 2016
Responding to the EU Commission’s public consultation on its planned European Pillar of Social Rights, the ETUC has presented a long list of demands ranging from changes to macro-economic policies to new EU-level employment laws. The response…. [more]


Caterpillar plant closure provokes calls for better consultation rights
22 September 2016
US manufacturer Caterpillar’s announcement of plans to close its Gosselies plant in Belgium with the loss of 2,000 jobs has sparked calls for better employee consultation rights in Europe. It comes when the EU Commission is actively …. [more]


UK employers urged to sign pregnancy non-discrimination pledge
15 September 2016
Employers in the UK are being urged to sign up to a new pledge to “make their workplaces the best they can be for pregnant women and new mothers”. The Equality & Human Rights Commission has launched the initiative under the name Working…. [more]