European ER news

EU faces big population and labour force challenges by 2060
1 June 2019
The European Commission has published a report on the future demographics of the EU in 2060, looking at migration, education levels and labour force participation. It says average life expectancy in the EU is currently 81 years (9 years above the global average), and is expected to grow by two …. [more]


UK Appeal Court allows lower pay for parental leave
30 May 2019
The Court of Appeal has ruled that it is not discriminatory for an employer to pay men on shared parental leave less than an enhanced rate paid to women on maternity leave. In the joined cases of Ali v Capita Customer Management Ltd and Chief Constable of Leicestershire v Hextall the Court said …. [more]


ETUC adopts Action Programme for 2019-2023
29 May 2019
At its 4-yearly Congress in Vienna in May the European TUC adopted its Action Programme for the next 4 years. The Programme calls for a “renewed Social Contract for Europe” and says the ETUC will work and negotiate with the European and national institutions and employers’ organisations to …. [more]


Luca Visentini re-elected ETUC General Secretary
28 May 2019
Also at its Vienna Congress, the ETUC re-elected General Secretary Luca Visentini to a second four-year term. The Italian was unopposed in the election, with voting by 600+ delegates drawn from 90 national trade union organisations affiliated to the ETUC. He has had a relatively successful time so …. [more]


ETUC wants a European Ombudsman for EWCs
24 May 2019
The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has been holding its quadrennial Congress this week in Vienna. It has drawn up an Action Programme 2019-2023 in which it lists numerous actions it intends to take to further Social Europe. The current version is still only in draft form, but the final …. [more]