European ER news

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UK draft of FTA falls well short of EU demands on level playing field
21 May 2020
The UK government has published its version of a draft Free Trade Agreement and, as expected, its provisions on a “level playing field” fall a long way short of what the EU is demanding (in fact it does not use the term).  They are essentially the same as found in the EU-Canada and EU-Japan…. [more]

IndustriAll bemoans companies’ lack of consultation on Covid response
19 May 2020
Trade union federation IndustriAll Europe says it has been monitoring companies’ behaviour in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and that “more and more companies take dramatic decisions without any prior dialogue with workers and their trade union representatives”.  It says confronted…. [more]

ETUI looks at EWCs’ readiness for Brexit
12 May 2020
The European Trade Union Institute, the research arm of the ETUC, has published a new policy brief on European Works Councils’ readiness for Brexit.  It estimates there are around 150 UK-based EWCs, and of those around 90% will still meet the employee thresholds for having an EWC when UK…. [more]

France: Shortened timescales for consulting works councils over Covid-19 measures
5 May 2020
The French government has issued a decree shortening the deadlines for informing and consulting works councils (now called Social and Economic Committees or CSEs) over planned measures relating to Covid-19.   The new deadlines apply temporarily up to 23rd August 2020.  The CSE must be…. [more]

Global supply chain due diligence law planned for 2021
1 May 2020
The European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, has told MEPs that the Commission will propose new rules on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence in companies’ supply chain in 2021.  Speaking at an online event hosted by the European Parliament’s Responsible …. [more]

EU Commission proposes whistleblowing directive
26 Apr 2020
In 2013 the EU Commission said there were no powers under the EU Treaty to legislate on whistleblowing. In 2016 the European Parliament drafted a directive on the subject and urged the Commission to act. We said at the time that if the pressure was kept up a creative interpretation of …. [more]

Directive to allow companies to transfer their registered office
24 Apr 2020
The EU Commission has issued a proposal for a directive enabling companies to transfer their registered office (country of incorporation) from one member state to another – what the directive calls a “cross-border conversion”. A directive on this topic has been on the cards for decades, but …. [more]