France – Activists seek disclosure of employer “blacklist” on equal pay
21 September 2018
Equal pay campaigners in France have launched legal action to try to force the Government to publish a “blacklist” of employers who have failed to comply with rules on the gender pay gap. Since 2014, companies with more than 50 employees have been required to negotiate a collective …. [more]


European Court ruling on night working by pregnant/breastfeeding workers
20 September 2018
The European Court of Justice has issued a ruling around the rights of pregnant workers and breastfeeding mothers concerning night working. In its decision on a case referred from Spain about a female security guard working for Prosegur and who was breastfeeding (González Castro) the …. [more]


German government plans to reduce obstacles for skilled workers from abroad
19 September 2018
The coalition government in Germany is working on a new immigration law to tackle labour shortages in Germany by attracting skilled workers from countries outside the European Economic Area. A position paper agreed by senior officials from the Labour, Economy and Interior ministries …. [more]


UK Committee recommends big changes to EEA immigration system
18 September 2018
The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has reported to the Government on the economic and social impacts of migration from the European Economic Area to the UK. It will feed into a new immigration system to be developed for the post-Brexit world. Overall the report concludes that …. [more]


France – GE on course for €34m fine for not creating jobs
17 September 2018
US conglomerate GE looks set to be hit with a fine of up to €34m for not fulfilling its pledge to create 1,000 new jobs by the end of the year. CEO John Flannery was subjected to a further grilling by economy minister Bruno Le Maire last week, where he repeated that he could not honour the hiring …. [more]