Trade unions keep up pressure for more democracy at work
18 October 2018
European trade unions are keeping up the pressure on EU policy makers to legislate for “more democracy at work”, including substantial changes to the EWC Directive, substantial improvement in Company Law and a “horizontal framework” for workers’ right to information, consultation and participation. …. [more]


UN begins debating treaty on business and human rights
16 October 2018
In 2014 the UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution calling for an “international legally binding instrument on transnational corporations and other business Enterprises with respect to human rights”. The resolution was promoted by a group of developing nations and a coalition of …. [more]


UK: Compulsory ethnic pay gap reporting on the way
11 October 2018
“The government believes it is time to move to mandatory ethnicity pay reporting.” So says the consultation document on Ethnicity Pay Reporting published this week by the Department for Business (p.28). It follows the failure of voluntary pay gap reporting (both on gender and ethnicity), …. [more]


France: Retirement age to stay at 62
10 October 2018
The government has revealed its plans for pension reform which will see the multiplicity of different systems that apply across the private and public sectors combined into a single system. But the legal retirement age will remain at 62, despite pressure to raise it. Leaving the retirement age unchanged …. [more]


Hungary and Poland challenge changes to posted workers directive
5 October 2018
The row between eastern and western EU member states over posted workers is set to move to the courts after the governments in Hungary and Poland announced they are challenging the recent revision of the posted workers directive. Earlier this year member states and the European …. [more]