France: Ex-employees sue customers for loss of jobs
10 November 2018
Former employees of the car parts manufacturer GM&S Industry have issued claims against the company’s two main customers – Renault and Peugeot – for the loss of their jobs. 277 workers at were made redundant in June 2017 when the business was declared bankrupt. 120 workers were …. [more]


ECJ says payment in lieu can be lost if leave deliberately not taken
7 November 2018
The European Court of Justice has ruled that a worker cannot automatically lose his right to paid annual leave simply because he did not apply to take that leave. However, if the worker deliberately refrained from taking the leave, after being given the opportunity, then national law is permitted to …. [more]


Google staff want representation on company board
4 November 2018
Staff at US technology company Google are demanding representation on the company’s board. On 1st November a group of employees organised a mass walk out by thousands of employees at Google offices around the world to highlight what they see as Google’s history of “harassment, …. [more]


Germany: Bundestag passes law on right of return to full-time work
25 October 2018
The lower house of the Federal Parliament, the Bundestag, has passed the law on the right to return from part-time to full-time work, one of the key employment-related measures in the coalition agreement. At present, employees can request part-time working only as a permanent change to …. [more]


MEPs seek changes to working conditions directive
19 October 2018
MEPs sitting on the European Parliament’s Employment Committee have adopted amendments to the EU Commission’s proposal for a directive on transparent and predictable working conditions. The changes will set the parliament on a collision course with member states that may …. [more]