France: Government wants gender pay inequality ended by 2022
24 January 2018
Labour minister Muriel Pénicaud has set a goal of ending wage inequality between men and women by 2022, and promised a plan to achieve it to be developed within two months with the social partners. She said she is willing to change “two or three things” in the law, but believes that the …. [more]


Germany: SPD to seek concessions on temporary work in coalition negotiations
22 January 2018
SPD delegates voted narrowly to approve the start of formal negotiations with Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU party over a new coalition government, but on condition that further concessions are made in a number of areas, including the use of temporary contracts. The initial agreement which …. [more]


Update on current EU employment-related issues
19 January 2018
We have spoken with the UK Permanent Representation in Brussels who provided the following update on a number of current employment-related issues:

  • Work-life balance directive, proposed by the Commission in April last year. Progressing slowly. The …. [more]


Germany: Coalition agreement – employment-related elements
18 January 2018
The CDU, CSU and SPD have reached an initial agreement to form the basis for further negotiations over a coalition government. There are a number of elements relevant to employers:

  • evaluate the Temporary Employment Act (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz) in 2019 …. [more]


France: Court annuls government-backed social plan at automotive supplier GM&S
17 January 2018
The administrative court of Limoges has annulled a government decision approving the plan for safeguarding employment (PSE) at automotive supplier GM&S Industry, which saw 160 employees out of 283 fired when the plant was taken over last September. The Court said the decision by the …. [more]