Germany: Coalition government will clamp down on use of fixed-term contracts
1 March 2018
A new coalition government between Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU party and the SPD would introduce significant new restrictions on employers’ use of fixed-term contracts, plus new rights for employees around part-time working and working hours. The 179-page coalition agreement reached between …. [more]


UK: EAT says agency workers must have same annual leave as permanent staff
28 February 2018
The Employment Appeals Tribunal has ruled that employers must give agency workers the same leave entitlement as equivalent permanent employees, even if they are paid more. In this case, involving the Royal Mail, the agency worker was entitled to 28 days leave a year and a one hour rest …. [more]


BusinessEurope objects to Commission’s working conditions directive
27 February 2018
Employers group BusinessEurope says the EU’s Commission’s draft directive on transparent and predictable working conditions will create unnecessary costs, rigidity and fundamental legal uncertainty for companies and employees. In a position paper its says minimum rights proposed by …. [more]


ECJ allows dismissal of pregnant workers in collective redundancy
23 February 2018
The European Court has provided some relief to employers by ruling that it is permissible to include a pregnant worker in a collective redundancy exercise, as long as she is not dismissed because she is pregnant. The same would apply to workers on maternity leave, and those recently returned or …. [more]


ECJ says some on-call time at home is working time
22 February 2018
The latest decision from the European Court on working time further extends the definition of what is working time into on-call time spent at home – though in quite specific circumstances. In previous decisions, the Court has said that time spent on call at the employer’s workplace or at a place …. [more]