UK: MPs seek further rights for working fathers
21 March 2018
The House of Commons’ Women and Equalities Committee has published a report calling for significant new rights for working fathers aimed at getting more of them to play a much bigger role raising children. It says current policies around parental leave and pay, and flexible working, do not …. [more]


MEPs and member states reach agreement on posted workers
20 March 2018
MEPs and representatives of the member states have reached a provisional agreement on changes to the posted workers directive. The text is not yet available, and still has to be formally approved by ministers and the full European Parliament, but it apparently includes the following elements: …. [more]


French Constitutional Council upholds labour reforms
19 March 2018
The Constitutional Council in Paris has upheld almost all of President Macron’s labour reforms introduced last year, after a legal challenge by left-wing MPs. The Council ruled that the great majority of the changes were in accord with the Constitution and could therefore stand. The law …. [more]


UK: BEIS considering trade union proposal to keep UK reps on EWCs
16 March 2018
We spoke recently with officials at the Department for Business who are responsible for the UK legislation on European Works Councils and will be advising ministers on the implications of Brexit. They confirmed what we had learnt, that they have met with the TUC and Unite to discuss …. [more]


France: Ford holds works council meeting by videoconference to avoid violence
15 March 2018
Fearing for their safety, representatives of the management of Ford Europe decided not to come in person to a works council meeting at Blanquefort near Bordeaux to inform employees about the future of their factory. Keiran Cahill, president of Ford Aquitaine Industries, which owns the …. [more]