Albania and Macedonia edge closer to EU membership
18 April 2018
The Balkan states of Albania and Macedonia have moved a step closer to joining the EU after the Commission recommended starting accession negotiations. If the member states agree, Albania and Macedonia will join Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey with whom accession talks have already started …. [more]


EU Commission expected to issue whistleblowing proposal soon
17 April 2018
Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker promised legislation on whistleblowing protection during the course of last year, following a public consultation and it seems he will soon deliver. A draft directive is expected to be issued next week which …. [more]


UK: Plans for bereavement leave and pay
5 April 2018
Just before Easter the Business Department put out a consultation document seeking views on some of the details around its plans for parental bereavement leave and pay. They include:
1. the definition of a “bereaved parent” entitled to the leave. Biological, adoptive and step- ….


UK: Legal challenge to Unite general-secretary election underway
2 April 2018
Gerard Coyne, who lost to Len McCluskey in last year’s election for general-secretary of UK trade union Unite, has been making his case at a hearing which could see the election being re-run. He claims that McCluskey broke union rules by calling an election when there was no vacancy for the …. [more]


European Works Councils and Brexit – Commission notice
29 March 2018
Over the past few months the European Commission has been publishing Notices to Stakeholders about the implications of Brexit on various topics (eg company law, data protection, fauna and flora). This week saw the first Notice concerning employment law, the subject being European …. [more]