UK High Court rejects IWGB union bid to overturn CAC’s Deliveroo decision
4 May 2018
The UK High Court has rejected an appeal against the decision by the Central Arbitration Committee that Deliveroo riders in London are self-employed rather than “workers” and therefore not entitled to union recognition. The appeal – actually a request for judicial review of the CAC decision – was …. [more]


France: Hardliner elected to lead Force Ouvrière
3 May 2018
Backed by union members who wanted a “more offensive” leadership, Pascal Pavageau has been elected secretary-general of France’s third largest trade union Force Ouvrière (FO), signalling a more militant phase ahead. He was elected with a Putinesque 96.8% of votes, with a mandate to lead a …. [more]


France: Unions urge Macron to support paid parental leave in EU directive
2 May 2018
French trade unions and the ETUC have written to President Emmanuel Macron urging him to support proposals in the EU Commission’s draft work-life balance directive giving parents paid parental leave. As predicted, this has proved to be the most contentious element. Macron has …. [more]


Institutional investors seek better disclosure of global working conditions
1 May 2018
A coalition of nearly 100 investors with over $10 trillion assets under management has asked listed companies to disclose better information about working conditions in their global direct operations and supply chains. The investors include the likes of Aberdeen, APG, Aviva, AXA, BMO Global, …. [more]


Union seeks derecognition of “sweetheart” rival in UK first
30 April 2018
A trade union is seeking formal derecognition of a rival “sweetheart” union in a case at the UK Central Arbitration Committee that is the first of its kind. The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) has been seeking to represent pharmacists at Boots since 2011. The company has resisted on …. [more]