Court says only employees in Germany count for codetermination thresholds
1 June 2018
The Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main has ruled that only people employed in Germany – not employees in foreign subsidiaries – should be counted when calculating how co-determination (workers on the board) apples. The Co-determination Act (Mitbestimmungsgesetz) requires half of …. [more]


European Court to rule on payment in lieu of untaken leave
31 May 2018
The European Court of Justice will be ruling on a number of cases concerning an employer’s obligation to pay workers in lieu of untaken leave. Two cases deal with the situation where a worker refuses to take leave in order to be paid in lieu when their employment ends. Two further cases …. [more]


European Parliament approves revision of posted workers directive
29 May 2018
The European Parliament has now formally approved a revision of the posted workers directive that was agreed with member state governments earlier this year. In a bid to restrict “social dumping” in countries like France and Germany (use of cheap foreign labour, mostly from eastern Europe) the …. [more]


UK: GEO publishes guidance on employers’ dress codes
25 May 2018
In January 2017 Parliament’s Women & Equalities Committee produced a report criticising dress codes that require women employees to wear high heels, make-up, revealing outfits etc, and urged the government to change the Equality Act to make it easier for women to win discrimination claims …. [more]


France: 15 actions to end wage inequalities and fight sexist violence
18 May 2018
Labour Minister Muriel Pénicaud and Equalities Minister Marlène Schiappa, have finalised Government plans for reducing the gender pay gap, countering sexual harassment/violence and advancing professional equality between women and men, following consultation with social …. [more]