Germany: Minimum wage likely to rise to €9.19 in 2019
27 Jun 2018
The Minimum Wage Commission has recommended a 4% increase to the national minimum wage from January 2019, taking it from the current €8.84 per hour to €9.19. It also recommended a further 1.7% increase in January 2020 to €9.35 per hour. Labour minister Hubertus Heil welcomed …. [more]


Unions and Commission to push for more on working conditions and work-life balance directives
26 Jun 2018
Trade unions and the European Commission will be pushing for more ambition on both the working conditions directive and the work-life balance directive than member states are currently willing to offer, once negotiations begin with the European Parliament . In last week’s bulletin we reported …. [more]


Update on the working conditions directive
25 Jun 2018
The text of the draft directive agreed between member state governments last week has now been published – here. The next stage will be for the European Parliament to adopt its own position on the directive, including any changes it wants to see. On the highly likely assumption that MEPs do ….


Update on the work-life balance directive
22 Jun 2018
Member states have been discussing the EU Commission’s proposal for a new directive on work-life balance since July last year. As predicted, the main stumbling block has been the question of how much employers should have to pay employees who are absent on parental, paternity or carer’s …. [more]


Member states approve revision of posted workers directive
22 Jun 2018
Following approval by the European Parliament two weeks ago, the member state governments have also now approved revisions to the posted workers directive. The draft directive must now be translated into all official EU languages before it is published, at which point it will come into force – …. [more]