MEPs set to clash with member states over work-life balance directive
11 July 2018
MEPs on the European Parliament’s Employment Committee have voted for changes to the draft work-life balance that will set them on a course to clash with member states, particularly over the question of pay for parental and carers’ leave. The Committee want parental and carers’ leave paid at …. [more]


UK: Acas publishes guidance on suspending employees from work
7 Jul 2018
Acas has published some new guidance aimed at employers on suspending employees from works. It says employers should only consider suspension where there is a serious allegation of misconduct, there are medical grounds to suspend, or there is a workplace risk to an employee who …. [more]


France: New “techno” boss for Medef
6 Jul 2018
France’s largest employer group, Medef, has elected telecoms and tech entrepreneur Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux as its new president for the next 5 years, replacing Pierre Gattaz who has been in office since 2013. During the election campaign, M Roux de Bézieux presented himself as the candidate …. [more]


Germany: Number of workers on fixed-term contracts at record high
5 Jul 2018
1 in 12 workers in Germany were on fixed-term contracts in 2017, the highest level ever recorded, according to a study by the research institute of the Federal Employment Agency. Around 3.15 million workers were on fixed-term contracts in 2017, and of those more than half (1.6 million) were …. [more]


UK: On-line portal opens for FTSE 350 to submit gender leadership data
28 Jun 2018
A new on-line portal has been set up for the 350 largest listed companies to submit data on the proportion of men and women in executive and leadership roles. The data will be published in November. The portal has been set up as part of the government-appointed Hampton-Alexander …. [more]