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UK: EU Withdrawal Bill drops worker protections
19th December 2019
When he was trying to persuade Labour MPs to support his EU Withdrawal Agreement, Boris Johnson added in provisions originally dreamt up by Theresa May which would have required the government to tell parliament about any future regression in workers’ rights and about any new …. [more]


UK: Queen’s Speech – planned Employment Bill
19th December 2019
In today’s Queen’s Speech at the opening of Parliament, the government promised an employment bill to “protect and enhance workers’ rights as the UK leaves the EU … promote fairness in the workplace … strengthen workers’ ability to get redress for poor treatment by creating a new, single …. [more]


ETUC renews call for EU directive on business/human rights
18th December 2019
The European Trade Union Confederation is keeping up the pressure for an EU directive on business and human rights with its Executive Committee issuing a new Position Paper this week. It calls for a directive on “mandatory human rights due diligence and responsible business conduct” which would …. [more]


UK: Latest CAC European Works Council decision
12th December 2019
The Central Arbitration Committee has published its latest decision in a complaint brought by a European Works Council, this time at the UK-based ceramics company Vesuvius. And it is another win for the EWC. The ruling is not especially significant, and certainly not on a par with the decisions …. [more]


The social dimension to the European Green Deal
11th December 2019
In her first major policy announcement, new Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has unveiled the Commission’s proposals for a European Green Deal, which she described with a hint of exaggeration as “Europe’s man on the moon moment”. She said it was a “vision for a climate …. [more]