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France: 41,000 amendments to pension bill as fight shifts to parliament
25 February 2020
The fight to derail Emmanuel Macron’s pension reforms has shifted from the streets to parliament with MPs laying down more than 41,000 amendments to the bill enacting the changes. Lawmakers began debating the controversial overhaul to the pension system last week in the National …. [more]


EU Commission study “shows need for EU-level legislation on due diligence”
24 February 2020
The European Commission has published a study on due diligence requirements in company supply chains saying that it “shows the need for EU-level legislation on due diligence”. According to the Commission “This study shows that only one in three businesses in the EU are currently undertaking …. [more]


ETUC says 3.3 million fewer workers benefit from collective bargaining in EU
21 February 2020
At least 3.3 million fewer workers are benefiting from a collective bargaining agreement across the European Union today compared to the beginning of the century, according to the latest figures published by the European Trade Union Confederation. Collective bargaining coverage is down in 22 …. [more]


European Parliament wants dynamic alignment of UK/EU laws
13 February 2020
Not deterred by Boris Johnson’s refusal to commit to any alignment of UK laws with EU directives under a Free Trade Agreement, the European Parliament has demanded the UK sign up to “dynamic alignment” from the end of this year. In other words, a commitment not simply to keep existing EU-…. [more]


UK Supreme Court to decide on inducements relating to collective bargaining
12 February 2020
A tricky question on whether it is unlawful for an employer to change terms and conditions without a union’s consent during collective bargaining is to go to the Supreme Court for a final decision. The case of Kostal v Dunkley has been making its way through the tribunal/court system since 2017 when …. [more]