European ER news

UK: Employment law changes due in 2019
7 January 2019
Relatively few changes to employment law are due to be made in 2019. At present, just:

  1. From 6th April employers must give pay slips to all “workers”, not just to the narrower category of “employees”. In addition, pay slips must state the total number of hours worked …. [more]


EU: What to expect from Brussels in 2019
4 January 2019
There will be significant political changes in the EU this year:

  • European Parliament elections will be held in May. No political group will have a majority. The centre-right EPP is predicted to remain the largest group within the …. [more]


France: Labour courts overrule statutory cap on unfair dismissal awards
3 January 2019
Three labour courts have awarded compensation for unfair dismissal above the maximum stipulated in the law. Limits to tribunal awards were introduced as part of President Macron’s labour market reforms, based on length of service, and size of company. In December, the labour courts (Conseil …. [more]


UK: New reporting requirements on employee engagement and executive pay
2 January 2019
Regulations imposing new reporting requirements on large listed companies concerning employee engagement and executive pay have come into force. They apply in relation to the financial years of companies beginning on or after 1st January 2019. From the start of 2020: …. [more]