European ER news

Germany: Analysis of 2018 works councils elections
13 February 2019
The German Economic Institute (Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft or IW) has published an analysis of the 2018 round of elections to German works councils. Based on a survey of 1,140 companies in which elections were held, three-quarters of employees eligible to vote did so, with voter turnout …. [more]


Agreement on working conditions directive
8 February 2019
Hot on the heels of last week’s agreement on the work-life balance directive, member states and MEPs have now reached agreement on the second big employment directive currently making its way through Brussels – the working conditions directive. This will replace and expand the directive …. [more]


France: GE to pay €50 million for failing to create jobs
6 February 2019
US conglomerate General Electric will pay €50 million in penalties for failing to meet its commitments to create 1,000 net jobs, the Ministry of Economy has said. The fine will be paid into a “reindustrialization fund” specially created in France. GE promised to create 1,000 net jobs in France …. [more]


Rotterdam court rules on EWC’s right to be consulted
4 February 2019
The court in Rotterdam has ruled on two aspects of a European Works Council’s right to be consulted – whether a plant closure in one country is “transnational” and whether the EWC must be consulted before local works councils. US aluminium producer Alcoa planned to shut two plants in …. [more]


Member states agree on transfer of company’s registered office
1 February 2019
EU member states have agreed their position on the Commission’s proposal for a directive allowing companies to transfer their registered office from one member state to another – what the directive calls a “cross-border conversion”. The final version will be subject to agreement with the European …. [more]