European ER news

UK: Consultation on extending protection for pregnant employees etc
28 January 2019
The Department for Business (BEIS) has launched a public consultation on extending protection against redundancy for pregnant employees, returners from maternity leave and possibly returners from parental and adoption leave. The government promised action in this area 2 years ago (see our …. [more]


Agreement on EU work-life balance directive
25 January 2019
Member states and MEPs have reached agreement on the work-life balance directive which will see new rights at EU-level to paternity leave and carers’ leave, and stronger rights to parental leave and flexible working requests. The agreement was reached in talks between representatives of the …. [more]


France: How to calculate the Index of equality between women and men
18 February 2019
Like the UK, France has also introduced gender pay gap reporting. It will apply in stages – to companies with 1000+ employees from 1 March 2019, those with 250+ employees from 1 September 2019 and those with 50+ employees from 1 March 2020. The Professional Equality Index …. [more]


Agreement in Brussels on European Labour Authority
15 February 2019
Following agreement between member states and the European Parliament on work-life balance, then on working conditions, now it is the turn of the European Labour Authority. The Regulation creating the ELA was agreed today between representatives of the member states and MEPs. With …. [more]


UK: Latest government guidance on closing gender pay gap
14 February 2019
As the 4th April deadline approaches for publishing last year’s gender pay gap figures, the Government Equalities Office has published two new pieces of guidance on identifying potential causes and developing an action plan. They are: …. [more]