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French law on supply chain responsibility delivers few results, say NGOs
26 February 2019
The recently-introduced law on supply chain responsibility is delivering few results, according to a report (in French) published by a group of NGOs including ActionAid, Amnesty International and Friends of the Earth. The law on the duty of care of parent companies and contractors (“devoir de …. [more]


Text of Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions
21 February 2019
The text of the recently-agreed directive on transparent and predictable working conditions has now been posted on the European Parliament website. Key features are as follows:

  1. The directive will apply to “workers” as defined by national law (so, no single EU-wide …. [more]


Text of the Work-life balance directive
20 February 2019
The agreed text of the work-life balance directive is also now available. The basis provisions are as reported earlier, and will apply to workers as defined in national law. The following includes some additional details: …. [more]


ECJ adviser says employers must have system to measure hours worked
31 January 2019
The Advocate-General at the European Court of Justice has given an opinion that the working time directive requires employers to introduce a system for measuring the actual number of hours worked each day. In a case brought by Spanish trade unions against the Spanish subsidiary of …. [more]


EU whistleblower protection – member states agree their position
29 January 2019
Member states have now adopted their formal position on the Commission’s proposal for a directive to protect whistleblowers. If they get their way (it is subject to agreement with the European Parliament), the following will apply throughout the EU: …. [more]