European ER news

The position of “Article 13” EWC agreements after Brexit
18 March 2019
Article 13 agreements are voluntary EWC agreements put in place before the EWC directive came into force in September 1996. There are also “Article 3” agreements, which were put in place by companies brought within scope of the directive by its extension to the UK in December 1999. The …. [more]


EU Commission updates advice on European Works Councils
15 March 2019
The European Commission has published updated advice on the implications of Brexit for European Works Councils. Its Notice to Stakeholders dated 13 March replaces the (rather inadequate) version issued a year ago. In particular, the latest version now includes advice on governing law which was …. [more]


UK: Review of the National Minimum/Living Wage after 2020
14 March 2019
In his Spring Statement this week, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a review of the international evidence on the impacts of minimum wages, potentially leading to regionalised minimum wage rates in the UK. The review will feed into wider work the government is undertaking …. [more]


France: Half of companies fail to report gender equality index
13 March 2019
Just as in the UK a year ago with gender pay gap reporting, so in France, around half of companies required to report on their gender equality index have failed to meet the 1st March deadline. Of those that have reported, more than 100 fell below the official target for equality between men and …. [more]


Agreement on EU-wide protection for whistle-blowers
12 March 2019
Member state representatives and MEPs have reached an agreement on rules to protect whistle-blowers in the EU. As usual, the text is not yet available, and there is only a European Parliament press release to go on at the moment. This says: …. [more]