European ER news

UK High Court rejects IWGB appeal against CAC’s “joint employer” decision
28 March 2019
The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain has failed in its bid for a declaration that the CAC’s decision denying the union collective bargaining rights on behalf of a group of security guards, post room workers, porters etc was contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights. The IWGB …. [more]


MEPs want EU human rights due diligence law
26 March 2019
Members of the European Parliament are calling on the EU to adopt legislation requiring corporations to carry out human rights due diligence on their operations, investments, business relationships and supply chains. In other words, something similar to the French law on supply chain …. [more]


UK: EAT rejects Unite appeal against CAC’s Manpower EWC decision
22 March 2019
In the first ever appeal against a decision by the Central Arbitration Committee concerning a European Works Council, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has rejected trade union Unite’s attempt to install a “fallback” EWC at US staffing firm Manpower. Unite supported the complainant, Gordon …. [more]


Application of the UK EWC legislation after Brexit
20 March 2019
Amendments to the Transnational Information & Consultation of Employees Regulations 1999 (“TICE Regs”) have been passed by Parliament, and will take effect in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The government has stated publicly and in the Houses of Parliament that the changes are purely …. [more]


Implications of the choice of governing law for European Works Councils
19 March 2019
The governing law for an EWC agreement determines a number of points. The company’s obligations and the EWC reps’ rights vary slightly from one country to another, but there are no really substantial differences between the national laws of the largest EU countries because they all …. [more]