European ER news

EU laws on non-discrimination could become easier to pass
17th April 2019
In its work programme for 2019 the EU Commission included a new initiative to identify more areas of social policy where qualified majority voting amongst member states could apply (thus making it easier to get them passed). Most employment-related issues are already subject to QMV plus co-…. [more]


France: 300,000 labour inspections planned in 2019
12th April 2019
The Labour Inspectorate is planning 300,000 employer inspections in 2019, up from the 275,000 carried out last year, with a focus on posted workers, illegal working, equal pay, and health & safety. The General Directorate of Labour (la Direction générale du travail) detailed its priorities for …. [more]


EU Commission President hopeful Weber sets out his manifesto
9th April 2019
The current lead contender to replace Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the European Commission, German MEP Manfred Weber, has published a personal manifesto of how he would run the Commission. Under the somewhat inelegant tagline “The Power of We”, he sets out 12 …. [more]


The EU Whistleblowers Directive
4th April 2019
The text of the Whistleblowers Directive agreed between the Council (of member state governments) and the European Parliament is now available. The main elements are as reported in our bulletin of 14 March. Member states will be required to introduce new laws, or adapt existing …. [more]


Agreement on transfer of company’s registered office directive
2nd April 2019
In a flurry of activity ahead of European Parliament elections in May, agreement has been reached between the Council and MEPs on a Directive allowing EU companies to transfer their registered office from one member state to another (“cross-border conversion” to use the Directive’s …. [more]