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The EU Commission’s Future of Europe 2019-2024
3 May 2019
The European Commission has published its latest contribution to the debate on the future of Europe, this time for the EU summit in Sibiu, Romania on 9th May. The summit was called by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker as a way to reunite the remaining 27 EU member states …. [more]


UK: Survey finds few companies appointing worker board representatives
2 May 2019
A survey of companies by the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum has found that few companies are complying with new Corporate Governance rules on workforce engagement by giving a seat on their board to an employee. The new rules – which apply to UK-listed companies from this year – require …. [more]

France: Macron promises tax cuts and higher pensions, but urges longer working lives
1 May 2019
President Emmanuel Macron has delivered a speech on the outcome of the “great debate” carried out over the past months in response to the (still on-going) “yellow vests” (gilets jaunes) protests. He announced cuts in income tax, and a rise in the state pension, but also the need for …. [more]


France: Pénicaud says reform of the Labour Code is beginning to bear fruit
30 April 2019
Labour Minister Muriel Pénicaud says the reform of the Labour Code by President Macron in 2017 (for which see our bulletin of 28th September) is “beginning to bear fruit”, with thousands of single staff representation bodies set up, and a growing number of agreements on collective terminations …. [more]


UK: Aviation and aerospace sectors launch Charter for Women
25th April 2019
Employers connected with the aviation and aerospace sectors have signed up to a “Charter for Women” with government backing, aimed at improving the pipeline of women to senior executive positions. We may see similar charters appearing for other sectors. The signatories (106 at launch) …. [more]