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France: Labour Ministry urges employers to prepare for staff committee elections
13 May 2019
The new single body of staff representation – the Social and Economic Committee (Le Comité ocial et économique) – must be set up in all in all companies with 11 or more employees by 1st January 2020. The Labour Ministry is urging employers to prepare now for the election of staff …. [more]


“Bleak prospects” for trade union membership in Europe:
12 May 2019
Membership of trade unions in Europe has fallen 13.9% since 2000, according to new research from the European Trade Union Institute. With density rates declining in most countries, particularly Central and Eastern Europe, and union membership “greying”, prospects are “bleak” according to …. [more]


ECJ rules on dismissal compensation during parental leave
8 May 2019
The European Court of Justice has ruled that compensation for dismissal cannot be reduced if the worker was taking part-time parental leave, but must be based on their full time pay. In doing so, it declared the French law on dismissal compensation contrary to the EU parental leave directive. The …. [more]

France: Trial begins of France Telecom/Orange executives over worker suicides
7 May 2019
Seven former and current managers of France Telecom – including former president Didier Lombard, and former HR director Olivier Barberot – have gone on trial accused or “moral harassment” of the company’s workforce which led to a spate of suicides (see our bulletin of 21 June 2018). In all there …. [more]


UK: Improving line management – the trade union way
6 May 2019
The TUC has published a report on workers’ experience of line management, with recommendations on what employers and the government ought to be doing to improve line management. Everyone would probably agree on the importance of line management for a positive experience at work. The …. [more]