European ER news

European Labour Authority to be based in Bratislava
14 June 2019
EU Member States have decided to locate the new European Labour Authority in Bratislava. The Slovakian capital beat off competition from Nicosia (Cyprus), Riga (Latvia) and Sofia (Bulgaria) in the race to host the EU’s newest agency. The ELA will start operating in October, initially in Brussels, …. [more]


France: Unions bring legal challenge to cap on unfair dismissal compensation
13 June 2019
The Court of Appeal in Paris has begun hearing a legal challenge by trade unions to one of the key elements on Emanuel Macron’s Labour Code reforms – the cap on compensation for unfair dismissal. Limits to tribunal awards were introduced in 2017, based on length of service, and size of …. [more]


UK Appeal Court says holiday pay should factor in voluntary overtime
11 June 2019
The Appeal Court in London has confirmed that pay for voluntary overtime may have to be taken into account when calculating holiday pay. Upholding a decision by the Employment Appeal Tribunal, the Appeal Court in Flowers v East of England Ambulance Trust said the employees’ terms …. [more]


Finnish Presidency to promote EU law on corporate social responsibility
6 June 2019
Finland takes over the 6-month rotating Presidency of the EU on 1st July. The newly-installed centre-left coalition government has not yet published its programme for the Presidency, but one of the topics it has said it will pursue is corporate social responsibility. In its government programme it says …. [more]


UK: Trade union membership rises again, but only in public sector
3 June 2019
Trade union membership in the UK rose by 103,000 in 2018 to 6.35 million. Union density – the proportion of employees who are union members – also rose slightly from 23.3% to 23.4% in 2018. This was the second successive annual increase in union membership, but all of the increase …. [more]