European ER news

France: Firms with 250+ employees to publish gender equality index by 1st September
12 August 2019
All companies with more than 250 employees are required to have published their Professional Equality Index (Index de l’égalité professionnelle) by 1st September. Companies with more than 1000 employees had a deadline of 1st March, while those with 50-250 employees must comply by 1st …. [more]


UK: EAT confirms companies not required to await EWC’s opinion
5 August 2019
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has upheld a decision by the Central Arbitration Committee that there is no obligation on a company to await an opinion from its European Works Council before implementing a business decision. The case concerned US IT company Oracle which has an EWC set …. [more]


France – Labour court ignores Supreme Court ruling on dismissal compensation
25 July 2019
The labour court in Grenoble rendered a judgment on 22 July in which it refused to take into account the opinion given by the Supreme Court last week upholding the statutory cap on unfair dismissal awards (see last week’s bulletin). The Supreme Court said that the scale of compensation introduced …. [more]


UK – Tackling one-sided flexibility
23 July 2019
The Department for Business has published a consultation document concerning what Matthew Taylor’s Good Work report called “one-sided flexibility” – the view that flexibility working practices too often favour the employer and disadvantage employees, eg employers cancelling shifts at short …. [more]


UK – A single enforcement body for vulnerable workers
18 July 2019
In the Good Work Plan – the government’s response to Matthew Taylor’s report Good Work – the Department for Business said it would bring forward proposals in early 2019 for a new, single labour market enforcement agency to help vulnerable workers (though this was not actually a Taylor …. [more]


French Supreme Court upholds cap on unfair dismissal awards
17 July 2019
The Court of Cassation ruled on Wednesday that the scale of compensation for unfair dismissal to be awarded by employment tribunals, introduced by Emmanuel Macron in the reform of the Labour Code, was consistent with European and international conventions. The scale and cap has been …. [more]


EU – Von der Leyen wins small majority with big promises
16 July 2019
German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen achieved the majority vote she needed in the European Parliament to be confirmed as the next European Commission President – but only just, and after making big promises, especially to the Socialists to secure their backing. Needing 374 …. [more]


UK Appeal Court rejects agency worker’s claim for equal weekly hours
12 July 2019
The Court of Appeal has rejected a claim by a temporary agency worker that he was entitled to work the same number of hours as a comparable directly-employed full-time employee (Kocur v Angard). Upholding previous decisions by an employment tribunal and the Employment Appeal …. [more]


European Socialists make their demands to Ursula von der Leyen
11 July 2019
Commission President candidate Ursula von der Leyen has been meeting with the different parties in the European Parliament in her bid to secure a majority vote from MEPs. She can rely on the votes of her own party, the centre-right EPP, and most of the centrist Renew Europe MEPs. The Greens …. [more]


France – Paris court to investigate Samsung’s labour practices in Asia
8 July 2019
A Paris court has indicted South Korean electronics company Samsung over allegations of labour violations in its Asian factories. Regular readers of this bulletin may have expected to be told that the case is being brought under the 2017 law on the duty of care of parent companies (devoir de …. [more]