European ER news

MEPs call for Commission proposal on corporate restructuring
24 October 2019
When Ursula von der Leyen was making promises to MEPs in order to secure their backing for her as the next EU Commission President, one promise was to give the European Parliament a “right of initiative” on new legislation. She said, where Parliament requests legislation, she would respond…. [more]


France: CFDT warns against collective performance agreements
23 October 2019
The CFDT trade union is warning its members about collective performance agreements (accords de performance collective) which it says are “formidable tools in the hands of employers to drive transformation” without having to show that the company is in economic difficulty. It says “a …. [more]


Unions refer first “exploitation cases” to European Labour Authority
17 October 2019
The new European Labour Authority only started work yesterday, but already trade unions have sent it some cases to investigate. The ETUC and the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) are publishing details of nine cases involving the “abuse of hundreds of vulnerable …. [more]


European Parliament demands delivery of EU Pillar of Social Rights
11 October 2019
MEPs have passed a resolution calling on the EU Commission and member states to “reinforce social rights by proposing legislation … to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights”. The text refers specifically to:

(1) “a legal instrument … on a fair minimum wage, which can be set according to national …. [more]


UK: CAC rules that company must pay EWC’s legal costs
10 October 2019
In another important decision, the Central Arbitration Committee has ruled that a company is required to pay the fees of a lawyer used by its European Works Council to bring a complaint to the CAC. It said this was covered by the “means required” clause (Reg 19A) in the Transnational …. [more]