European ER news

UK: Real living wage to rise by 3.3%
12 November 2019
The “real living wage” will rise by 3.3% to £9.30/hour in the UK next year, and by 1.9% to £10.75/hour in London. It is a voluntary rate, paid by employers who sign up to it, and is set by the independent Living Wage Foundation based on rises in the cost of living. More than a third of FTSE …. [more]


France: Macron’s labour reforms appear to be working
11 November 2019
President Macron’s labour law reforms from 2017/18 appear to be bearing fruit as numbers in work rise and the number of temporary jobs falls. 54,300 net private-sector jobs were added in the most recent quarter, up 0.3% according to the national statistics office INSEE. In the past year, they were …. [more]


UNI Finance sees global agreements as the future for responsible business
7 November 2019
Global union federation UNI says it has signed, renewed, and re-signed global agreements with six multinational banks in the past year including Crédit Agricole, Société Générale, UniCredit and BNP Paribas. According to UNI General Secretary Christy Hoffman “Global agreements are the future for …. [more]


Germany: “Work of tomorrow” law set to make short-time working easier
6 November 2019
Labour Minister Hubertus Heil announced in August a “work-of-tomorrow law” (Arbeit-von-morgen-Gesetz) designed to help prepare workers for long-term impacts from digitization and the resulting transformation of the world of work, but also the short-term impacts of recession (see our bulletin …. [more]


EWC enforcement and penalties – EU Commission plans
4 November 2019
In May 2018 the European Commission published its overdue review of the recast European Works Council directive. One of the issues it identified was the inadequacy of enforcement mechanisms and sanctions in national laws implementing the directive. It subsequently said it would “facilitate …. [more]