European ER news

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Union seeks collective bargaining rights for outsourced workers
28 February 2019
The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain is currently in the High Court appealing last year’s ruling by the Central Arbitration Committee denying it bargaining rights for outsourced workers at London University. The IWGB, which calls itself the “baddest union in town” is arguing that denying …. [more]


French government to legislate against use of short-term contracts
27 February 2019
The French government has said it will legislate to deter the excessive use of short-term contracts, following the failure of negotiations on the subject between the social partners. Changes will be made in the context of a reform of unemployment insurance, due to be presented in the spring, PM …. [more]


French law on supply chain responsibility delivers few results, say NGOs
26 February 2019
The recently-introduced law on supply chain responsibility is delivering few results, according to a report (in French) published by a group of NGOs including ActionAid, Amnesty International and Friends of the Earth. The law on the duty of care of parent companies and contractors (“devoir de …. [more]


Text of Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions
21 February 2019
The text of the recently-agreed directive on transparent and predictable working conditions has now been posted on the European Parliament website. Key features are as follows:

  1. The directive will apply to “workers” as defined by national law (so, no single EU-wide …. [more]


Text of the Work-life balance directive
20 February 2019
The agreed text of the work-life balance directive is also now available. The basis provisions are as reported earlier, and will apply to workers as defined in national law. The following includes some additional details: …. [more]


ECJ adviser says employers must have system to measure hours worked
31 January 2019
The Advocate-General at the European Court of Justice has given an opinion that the working time directive requires employers to introduce a system for measuring the actual number of hours worked each day. In a case brought by Spanish trade unions against the Spanish subsidiary of …. [more]


EU whistleblower protection – member states agree their position
29 January 2019
Member states have now adopted their formal position on the Commission’s proposal for a directive to protect whistleblowers. If they get their way (it is subject to agreement with the European Parliament), the following will apply throughout the EU: …. [more]