European ER news

The following is a selection of items from our weekly bulletin to member companies. Please contact us if you would like to receive our bulletin on a trial basis.


UK: Gender pay gap reporting suspended
25 March 2020
The Government Equalities Office (GEO) and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have taken the decision to suspend enforcement of the gender pay gap deadlines for reporting year 2019/20. They said: “The decision means there will be no expectation on employers to report their …. [more]


Coronavirus guidance for employers in Germany
24 March 2020
The Labour Ministry has an area of its website dedicated to information and guidance primarily aimed at employees. A Q&A section includes the Ministry’s views on questions such as What happens if the employer has ordered short-time work, Am I entitled to work from home, What …. [more]


Coronavirus guidance for employers in France
23 March 2020
Information and guidance on various government initiatives to support employers and employees is available on the websites of the Economics Ministry and the Labour Ministry. It includes details on how support for short-time working will operate, and procedures employers must follow, at: …. [more]


Trade unions say employers are misusing the GDPR to hinder them
20 March 2020
The European Trade Union Confederation says employers in Europe are deliberately misusing the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation to deny trade union rights. A survey of its affiliated union federations about the implementation of the GDPR in member states found a “worrying new trend …. [more]


UK: a new right to Neonatal Leave and Pay
19 March 2020
Last July the Business Department published a consultation document on Proposals to support families. One of the proposals was to create a new right to Neonatal Leave and Pay, ie additional leave when a new-born baby requires special care. BEIS has now published a follow-up response to …. [more]


France: Emergency legislation to help employers cope with Covid-19 crisis
18 March 2020
The Council of Ministers has adopted an Emergency Bill to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic and submitted it to parliament for rapid approval. The Bill gives the government powers to take measures by ordinance (ie without parliamentary approval) to, amongst other things…. [more]


Germany: Federal Employment Agency overrun with requests for short-time work
17 March 2020
As a result of the corona virus, the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit or BA) has been inundated with requests for short-time work including from industries and companies that have never previously had anything to do with. It follows parliament last Friday unanimously passing …. [more]